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MNA Supports Interagency Coordination

June 2018

Over a 2-day period, MNA facilitated a table top exercise (TTX) with federal and local law enforcement partners to enhance interoperability and interagency cooperation, focusing on improving communications for daily operations and contingencies. 

The desired end state would establish conditions to reduce the potential for blue-on-blue situations caused by non-standard communication procedures.  The goal was to maximize effective and efficient endgame success from initial detection to interdiction of illegal traffic.  Interagency planning and execution procedures among the law enforcement agencies had drifted away from established practices, due to the enduring crisis caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 and the ensuing inability to train and practice together. 

The exercise identified gaps in capabilities, especially in communications frequencies that inhibited coordination across all law enforcement agencies.  Participating agencies also highlighted the lack of common procedures, reporting templates and terminology.  Consequently, the prime objective of the exercise was to revise a set of standard operating procedures (SOP) for interagency communications.

Consisting of two scenarios, each focusing on a single event, the TTX facilitated accomplishment of the exercise objectives and tested the efficacy of the revised SOP.  Participants also developed an action plan to address identified gaps.  This included a review and update process for the SOP and a recommended communications training plan. 

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